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2018 November

design VISTA,"Every Project Carries a Story" featuring Bridging the Gap A School in Ahmednagar and A Journey of Discovery school of Sciences YVU Kadappa

2018 November

THE PLAN,"An experimental approach for community goals" featuring DCOOP process and projects.

2018 October

Buildofy,Video featuring JSW Housing in Vasind, Maharashtra.

2018 October

IFJ,"Middle Income Housing In India” featuring Sublime Ordinariness, Vasind, Maharashtra.

2018 October

Indian Architect & Builderfeaturing essay on Designing for the future by Quaid Doongerwala.

2018 July

Architecture + Design, "Diversity in Housing" featuring Sublime Ordinariness, Vasind, Maharashtra.

2017 October

Building Giants, featuring Y.V University School of Sciences & Student Hostels, Cudappah, Andhra Pradesh

2016 December

Home Review, "A Paradigm Shift”, featuring restaurant at Kemps Corner, Mumbai

2016 November

iDECORAMA, "A Slice Of History”, featuring restaurant at Kemps Corner, Mumbai

2016 March

Architect and Interiors India,"Hot 100 celebrating the who’s who of contemporary Indian architecture and design.”

2015 August    

Commercial Design, featuring the top 10 Institutional designers in India.

2015 March

Architect and Interiors India, "Hot 100“ 6th anniversary.

2014 January    

Indian Art n Design (online), "Rustic Charm", featuring

Kashid House (Alibaug).

2013 November    

Domus, "Discernable Pattern", featuring Kashid House (Alibaug).

2013 October    

Society Interiors, "Cool Contrast", featuring the apartment at Planet Godrej (Mumbai).

2013 July    

Home Review, "DCOOP, my space"featuring an interview of Quaid Doongerwala & Shilpa Ranade.

2013 March    

Architect & Interiors,"i-Gen 2013", featuring 50 of the top Gen-next architects & designers.

2012 December  

Home Review, On-site report of "Memory machine", an installation designed by Rajiv Thakker and DCOOP for the CRY Campaign, "Child in you".

2012 October    

Indian Architect & Builder, "Practices & Consequences", featuring various projects by DCOOP.

2012 October    

Domus, "Studio Cartographies", featuring various projects done by DCOOP.

2012 September    

Domus, "Scripting Architecture", featuring Y.V University Campus (Cudappah).

2011 October    

Insite, "Design Directions", featuring two projects done by DCOOP Architects.

2011 August    

ArchDaily, featuring Y.V University Campus (Cudappah).

2011 January    

Interiors CW, "Aesthetic function", featuring several projects done by DCOOP Architects.

2010 October    

Indian architect & builder, "Reflecting on Repertoires", featuring Y.V. University (Cudappah).

2010 March    

Architect and Interiors India, “Aces of Spaces”, featuring ten young progressive practices of India. 

2009 November

Architecture + Design, “Spatial Articulation”, featuring the

School of Sciences (Cudappah).

2009 December  

Home Review, “Resilient engage”, featuring two DCOOP office projects.

2009 August    

Indian Architect & Builder, “Multiplicity for Management”, featuring DCOOP research on Street Architecture.

2009 May    

Better Interiors, “Design for Change”, featuring the Viya Home Store (Mumbai).

2008 September    

Indian Architect & Builder, Special Focus on Design Details, featuring multiple DCOOP projects.

2008 April    

Indian Architect & Builder, “Tectonic Encounters”, featuring the Generator House (Veraval), the Office on the Jetty (Porbander) and the Office for Indigo (Mumbai).

2007 Nov    

Home Review, “Haute Design”, featuring the Tarun Tahiliani Store 2 (Mumbai).

2006 July    

Indian Architect & Builder, “Design Ideas that Matter”, featuring the winning competition entry for the S V University Campus (Cudappah).

2005 September    

Inside Outside, “Architectural Couture”, featuring the Tarun Tahiliani Store 1 (Mumbai).

2005 June   

Better Interiors, “Patch-on Perfection”, featuring the

Office for Indigo 1 (Mumbai).

2005 January

Inside Outside, “Timeless and Understated”, featuring the Office for Ensemble (Mumbai).

2001 September

Inside Outside, “Contemporary Design”, featuring the Studio for TYT (Mumbai) for the Designer of the Year Award.

2001 February    

Indian Architect & Builder, Special Focus on Young Designers, featuring the Studio for TYT (Mumbai).

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