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DCOOP is a Mumbai based architecture practice established in 2003 by Quaid Doongerwala and Shilpa Ranade.


The firm has worked on a diverse range of projects including individual houses, retail stores, offices, institutional projects and master planning in different parts of the country. Our projects have won awards and been published in leading national magazines. Quaid and Shilpa have lectured and shown the work of DCOOP at several prestigious platforms.


We believe that any exercise of design should derive from a deep study and understanding of the history, context and lived realities of a given site and program. Quaid and Shilpa’s independent research and interest in social and cultural aspects of our immediate environment has given the firm a positive inter-disciplinary grounding and a critical edge. Design for us is a multi-disciplinary field that requires combined skills of art, anthropology, engineering, and management at different stages.


DCOOP aims towards bridging the gap that exists between concerns of ‘pure’ design, the contingencies of execution, and sensitivity to the requirements of the user, to produce an environment that is at once contemporary and sustainable. Pragmatically planned, meticulously put together, subtly fine-tuned to stimulate the senses; our projects are characterized by their refined proportions and a sense of balanced restfulness.

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