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Kenbridge school

2011 - Competition

The key issues addressed in the design proposal are adaptability of design to various sites, sense of visual identity & belonging, ease of construction and maintenance and Provision of work-play spaces of different scales as per age-group to enable a 24x7 learning environment. To enable distinctive elements and adaptation of the design to various sites, the functions are divided into modules of distinct identity which have the possibility of coming together in various ways.

The critical idea is to organize the modules in a way so as to create social spaces of various scales in between them.


This enables the outside to flow into the building cluster creating a street like atmosphere within the campus.


The organization works towards clearing defining similar functions and clustering them together in a way that separates public movement from different age groups of children. The kit-of-parts is further organized as an introverted block with a single entry which opens out to the playgrounds beyond. This enables the school to be secure without making it appear walled in any way.


REM-100_DCOOP BOOK_Site plan_Digital.jpg
REM-100_DCOOP BOOK_Ground floor plan_Digital.jpg
REM-100_DCOOP BOOK_Section_Digital.jpg
REM-100_DCOOP BOOK_Floor Plan 1_Digital.jpg
REM-100_DCOOP BOOK_Floor Plan 1_Digital.jpg
REM-100_DCOOP BOOK_Floor plan 2_Digital.jpg
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