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School of Planning and Architecture

Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh
2010 - Competition

An attempt to create a suitable learning environment for a creative institution has been a central consideration in this proposal for a new campus for the School of Planning & Architecture in Bhopal.

Since the campus lies on the outskirts of Bhopal it was planned to be self sufficient in terms of facilities. The site was characterized by topographic peculiarities produced by a history of mining and dumping soil creating natural water bodies and steep slopes in various parts.


The formal and organizational principles were generated from a deep understanding of the program while a response to topography and the physical features of the site like the dumped soil informed the location and orientation of buildings.


In the proposed design each zone has been designed to give it a unique sense of place within the campus. The internal organization of zones was determined by the logic of circulation and movement of water. Within the zone itself, each building has a specific identity due to its particular location and relation to the landscape.


 In the Academic zone, each department has its own courtyard. Although blocks making up the academic buildings are modular in nature; their organization and orientation results in clusters which have a clear identity of their own. There is in this way a unity of form without loss of sense of identity.


REM-SPA_Academic Plan_Digital R-01_edite
1.Site Plan.jpg
3.Long Section.jpg
REM-SPA_Studio Plan_Digital R-02.jpg
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