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Kashid House

Alibaug, Maharashtra
2010- 2012

The weekend house at Kashid sits on a one-acre plot of land with distant views of mountains on one side and the sea on the other.

A simple L- shaped plan separates the public and private spaces of the house. The entrance wing comprises of the living, dining and kitchen spaces with the bedrooms housed in the perpendicular wing. This separation of public and private spaces is architectonically underlined through the massing, the fenestration and the expression of materials.

The public wing is a pavilion-like space spanned by a large pitched roof with the living and dining areas open out into the landscape along the two parallel long edges of the space. The private block in contrast has a solidity which is relieved by the carefully articulated fenestration which allows controlled light inside.

The crux of the house lies in its simple yet elegant detailing. From the divisions of the doors to the pattern of the flooring, each decision has been considered with great care to make it one with the larger concept – that of creating a living space that is at repose with an understated identity of its own.


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