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Vasind, Maharashtra
2012 - 2013

The gymnasium sits on an unusual angular site with its boundaries defined by a road on one edge, the boundary wall on the second and a high tension electrical line on the third. The form of the building is generated by this peculiar site profile. The faceted plan gets further emphasized in the way the building tapers away at one end into a point in space.


The building is not very large – being about 2000 sq.ft including the toilets and the changing areas. However the experience of entering and being in the main space gives a more extended feel. The entrance is tucked into the building in such a way that one enters the gym indirectly and then comes into the main space which opens back to the outside. The main space is articulated through two large opaque walls, anchoring the glass and thereby bringing in varying light through the day. The ceiling of the main space is further articulated with fins arising from the central beam and tapering away to the edge of the building. This accentuates the feeling of dynamic openness of the space. The tall corrugated sheets wrapping the service block help to conceal the water tank and a/c units.

Glass, corrugated sheets and Bison board form the material palette of this small architectural project.


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