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Project Evergreen (H7,H8,H21)

IITB Mumbai, Maharashtra
2021- Ongoing

The intent of this design is to strengthen the invaluable natural habitat and unique social life of IIT Bombay. In line with this, the concept is based on the creation of a large, cloistered courtyard between the cluster of three hostels which not just gives them unique identities while retaining the dense tree coverage of the site.
Common amenities such as the dining, study, recreational areas and the cafe are distributed at the two lower levels. The hostel blocks rise above this podium along the periphery of the site. The two boys hostels (Hostel 7 and 8) are at the northern and western edge of the site and the girls hostel (Hostel 21) is at the eastern edge of the site adjacent to the existing girls hostel. Each hostel block has a distinct form that gives it a unique identity and strengthens the sense of ownership.
The design of the building has been informed to maximize the passive performance and provide thermal comfort – cooling and ventilation –with minimum use of energy-consuming mechanical systems. It also proposes circular construction by reusing most of the material available in the demolition of existing buildings.
The ample number of informal public realms interconnects the social life of the students with the nature. With its multi-layered approach to sustainability, social life and architectural expression, the project can set a benchmark to underline the institutes’ reputation as a leader in socially responsible innovation.

Built-up Area - 34,241 Sqm



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