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Mehta Office

Mumbai, Maharashtra
2005 - 2008

In an almost continuous flat space sandwiched between slabs and punctuated with large circular columns is this finely calibrated interior housing the Corporate Headquarters of a company. Its Open Plan organization is aimed at creating not just a new contemporary ‘look’ for the company, but also at transforming its work culture. The use of glass and the colour white sets the tone for underlining the transparency of the office, bringing people together to enhance the performance of individuals and the company.

Accents in this restrained space are presented by specifically designed chandeliers, episodes of elaborate patterned glass and designer accessories like furniture pieces and light fixtures.

The dramatic centerpiece offsetting the otherwise monochromatic and hard-lined space is a skylight in the centre of the office which also brings in the much needed natural light. The skylight is made of dynamic trapezoidal forms lined with orginal Burma teak wood, where the fragmented aspects present a play of glass and opacity. 



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