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Indigo I

Mumbai, Maharashtra

The design brief for this office housing a young software solutions company was representative of the mantras of emerging businesses: Efficiency, Flexibility and Attitude. The project experiments with a design language that emerges from these characteristics.


Inspired by systems of design in popular culture, and industrial imagery, a modus-operandi we call the ‘Patch-On’ was employed here. The patch-on is made up of multiple forms, layers, materials, textures, junctions and even ‘aesthetics’ which come together in ways that cannot always be pre-controlled, and is visually non-stylized.

To achieve this, the project was conceived in three aspects: The Skin, the Components and their Assembly.

The components manufactured in multiple locations across the city and put together within a week. The exposed nuts-bolts, screws, and metal clips of the assembly added their own random punctuations to the space along with the colour-coded storage boxes.


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