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Rhythm of Learning

Louňovice, Czech Republic
2018 - Competition

The school is visualized as the new cultural center of the LOSBATES group of districts in Czech Republic. The region has a domestic character and the pitched roof signifies this. The school building attempts to unify with the surroundings by adopting this form. A series of pitches coming together gives a lilting tempo to the roof-scape which continues with the rhythm of the buildings around. On the inside of spaces, the pitch relates back to a domestic scale and creates a sense of safety for young minds.


The west edge of the site has been converted to an open plaza that falls on the tourist trail connecting the north and south of the district which activates the town as an important space in the neighborhood. It has the capacity to hold gatherings, festivals, markets etc. for the citizens of the town. The students and parents must cross the plaza to go to the school, which sits safely behind. As the plaza opens to the city, the South Garden of the school becomes the internal open space for its students.  It serves as a vegetable garden, playground in the winters, outdoor classroom as well as an assembly point.


A solarium space made of transparent material has been envisaged at the ground level so that it can capture the solar gain of the sun in the winter months. The same space can double up as a semi outdoor space in the summer, spring and autumn seasons for the children to enjoy. The upper levels have skylights on the south side which help in capturing the sun, maintaining temperature and modulating daylight.


Ground Floor Plan

First Floor Plan

Second Floor Plan

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