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Sports Hall Aga Khan Academy

Hyderabad, Telangana

The sports hall sits in an existing campus designed in 2010. It was decided to place the new sports hall close to the existing sports facilities. The hall is a massive box of 28 by 38 meters. The mass is sunk by 1.5 meters so that the building is not too imposing in relation with the existing buildings.

A level difference from the road side to the pool side is used strategically to create steps and an entrance porch from the east side. The building is further scaled by adding an entrance porch on two sides and is carefully sited in such a way that part of the landscape grows to cover it and helps to temper its mass.

Skylights to the sides and roof lights give optimum day-lighting to the space. The building is engineered to be a passive cooled environment. Red Agra stone and exposed concrete as finishes are continued from the existing campus palette of materials.

The tectonic articulation and detail give the building an identity of its own.


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