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Flying Goat

Mumbai, Maharashtra

The project required creating a hostel for travelers, a cafe and culture hub in one space. The peculiar site was in a building which sits at the foot of a small hill in south Mumbai. The site has tall floors that allow for volumetric play.

The open to sky space between the building and the hill is used to create the outdoor cafe. The open space is covered by a semi open canopy made of bamboo. The entrance volume of the hostel also acts as the reception to the various other activities. This leads to the indoor cafe which is to the right and the performance space to the left. There are no residential activities at the ground floor.

The first level houses another performance space and a common space for all residents to interact and connect with each other. This level also houses individual rooms. The last level houses the dormitories, which opens out to a terrace and further down into the courtyard.

The public spaces such as reception and performance art theater are articulated and scaled using formal elements.


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