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Container Box

Mandwa, Maharashtra

a-RT & DCOOP. This project is housed within an adjacent pair of ship containers which is a part of a large public realm along the coast of Mandwa. The coherency and connectedness in the internal space is achieved by collapsing the common surface between, and inserting an internal laminated ribbed skin. The ribbed skin is pealed strategically to bring in a dialogue  between the container surface and the skin surface. This layer accommodates the programmatic needs such as display niches, counters, shelves and storage spaces.


The aesthetic of space is envisaged to be colorful, contrasting to the static repetitive nature of the ship containers.



WhatsApp Image 2021-10-05 at 11.32.04 AM (1).jpeg
WhatsApp Image 2021-10-05 at 11.32.04 AM.jpeg
REM- XXX DCOOP Book_Container Box_Site Plan_Digital.jpg
REM- XXX DCOOP Book_Container Box_Site Section_Digital.jpg
REM- XXX DCOOP Book_Container Box_Massing_Digital .jpg
REI-XXX DCOOP Book_Container Box_ Concept Diagrams_Digital7b.jpg

Container shell

Laminated ribbed skin

Color highlight

REM- XXX DCOOP Book_Container Box_Plan_Digital .jpg
REI-XXX DCOOP Book_Container Box_ Iso_Digital1.jpg
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