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Mumbai, Maharashtra

VJTI Hostel 

2015 - Competition

The heritage campus of the VJTI is located is one of the most verdant and peaceful localities of Mumbai.The heart of the proposed building is the central courtyard. This void holds together the various activities and connects the various levels both literally and experientially.


Staircases and bridges criss-cross this core to form a playful network of circulation. The buzz of the core draws from and supports the energy of the young people inhabiting it. At the same time the core is also timeless in its essence.

While the central court is the community space of the hostels, the rooms become spaces of retreat and study.

The pragmatic arrangements of rooms around the courtyard makes the building efficient to construct. At the same time, punctures in the wall of the rooms connects the central space to the verdant green outside. These punctures also create social spaces of different scales where students can come together.Using the natural drop of land on site, a sunken court leads to the triple height entrance to the hostel area.

The sunken court houses an enclosed gym area and a semi-covered sports areas which flows out and connects to the landscape at the back of the building. The two mess areas and the computer facilities take up half of the first two floors. From the third floor onwards the boys rooms take up the rest of the building.


The volumetric block generated by the site extent and floors allowed.

Core cut-out for light, movement and circulation.

The closed periphery split to allow better air-flow and scale.

Lower levels modulated to create a public interface.

The Punctures cut at various levels to connect to outside and create social spaces.block generated by the site extent and floors allowed.

Ground Floor

Upper Floor

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