Flying Goat

Anjuna, Goa

The Flying goat café is located in the tourist-centric cultural hub in Anjuna, Goa. The café is built on the pillars of sustainability and minimal waste ideology, the café strives to do what's best for the environment. With a humble farm for fresh produce, an in-built bookstore, and an open area podium to host events supporting art & culture (poetry, music, art).


The design of the project is thought in unison with the cafe’s ideology. Where an old Goan house that has been adapted to house a café, bare and a bookstore .


The house sits in a large plot of land with an ample amount of open space. This landscape is used by the café to grow their own greens and simultaneously hosts spatial scales of performances through the year. The  landscape is intervened in a subtle way to guide one into the project along the walls, and a performance platform that unravels scales of cultural activities.

The interior spaces of house contains a bookstore/library with high ceiling solitude reading spaces with ambient lighting, pinewood shelves while retaining the existing mosaic flooring.


Architecturally, the addition to the project is made carefully by inserting an extended verandah that sits in between the lush landscape and the pleasant interiors of the house. The verandah houses the kitchen and bar counter on one end with an ample amount of loose furniture adding to the character of the space. The finishes in this space bring back the memory of a typical Goan verandah, with red oxide flooring that opens on to the landscape. The bar counter is crafted in laterite stone which is locally sourced. The north light roof sits in humble regard to the existing roofline while bringing a contemporary character to the project.



2021.05.07_FG_Presentation Drawings_masterplan.jpg
2021.05.07_FG_Presentation Drawings_FloorPlan.jpg
2021.05.12_FG_Presentation drawings_Elevation.jpg
2021.05.12_FG_Presentation drawings_SectionBB.jpg
2021.05.12_FG_Presentation drawings_SectionAA.jpg